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Finding the right cleaner for you is a big decision. It’s important that any cleaners you hire for your Broadbridge Heath home are suited to you and will carry out the jobs you require, to the standards you specify. That’s why it’s really important to speak to any potential Broadbridge Heath cleaners and get a really good idea about whether they could be right for you.

Here are some things you can do to help you choose the right Broadbridge Heath cleaners for you:


  • Check you can specify the cleaning programme: good cleaners will tailor their programme of cleaning to meet your requirements, including a balance of regular weekly tasks, and more occasional larger jobs
  • Can you get references: ideally you’ll want to see references from other happy customers. If possible, see if you can talk direct to existing clients of the Broadbridge Heath cleaners.
  • Make sure they’re properly vetted: most cleaning companies will ensure all their cleaning staff are vetted and have their backgrounds checked, so you can be sure they’re trustworthy. If you’re talking to an individual Broadbridge Heath cleaner who doesn’t work for a company, think about how you can check their background yourself.
  • Check if your Broadbridge Heath cleaners are insured: in the event of your cleaner breaking or damaging something, it’s important to make sure they have cover in place.

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